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NORML In Paradise, The Florida Keys... AKA, The N.I.P. Nation... is inviting all of our Florida Keys Citizen/Advocates as well as State, Nation & Worldwide to come and LIKE our Page and JOIN the N.I.P. Nation.. So, keep coming back to keep up on the latest news on the ending of Prohibition, It's Just A Plant, An Amazing Plant That Heals... Illegal??? hummmmmm... What are your thoughts? Wanna Help? Volunteer?, Activate?... "The Evolution Continues!"... It's about informing and educating the public to all the research and science regarding the benefits of Medical & Industrial Cannabis... Come to our page and learn... Share It Far and Wide... then Educate, Inform, Activate & Unite, It's The Humanitarian Thing To Do... Freedom Is NORML!
OUR MISSION STATEMENT: NORML in Paradise, The Florida Keys, aka, The N.I.P. Nation... Works Towards Increasing Public Awareness On The Many Benefits Of Legalization of Cannabis & Hemp, The Social, Political, Medical, Health and Economic Consequences of Cannabis Prohibition, Changing State & Federal Laws to Reduce & Eliminate Penalties for Cannabis Use, Supporting The Legalization of Responsible Cannabis Use For Adults & Serving as an Advocate For Consumers as the Cannabis Industry Comes Into Fruition. From Key West, To Key Largo, We Are The N.I.P. Nation… Please Join Today… Go To: https://www.facebook.com/NIPTheKeys/ or http://www.NORMLinParadise.org
 Please people it takes an army of advocates to enact change!!!!!!!!!!!

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